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$ 199.99


The Vision anti-compression collar is the “front only chest protector” of the neck protection world. A device designed for one specific purpose, void of anything that doesn’t contribute to that single job. This complete overhaul of the neck protection category leap frogs the competition with a simplified minimalist form, addition of advanced and proven materials, and the biggest improvement in user experience since the birth of neck protection.

By only being built up over the shoulders, the Atlas Vision aims to reduce compression forces only. By removing the traditional front and rear “shelves” of a neck brace, range of motion is increased enabling us to provide an option for anyone who struggles to wear a traditional full-frame neck brace.

 Not a neck brace
Unlike traditional full-frame braces, the Vision is what we like to call an "Anti-Compression Collar" - a brand new category of neck protection developed by Atlas that can ONLY assist with compression, and lateral hyper flexion (head sideways) forces on the neck. Traditional full-frame braces, like the Atlas Air, help manage these forces along with Hyper-Flexion (head forward) and Hyper-Extension (head back) using their built up front and rear "shelves".

Built for the masses**
This product is for everyone who wants neck protection, but has found it impossible to wear a full frame brace. Bring on the short necks, large helmets, and bulky body armour - the Atlas Vision is made for you!

50% greater reduction of impact forces (Compression only - vs Atlas Air)
Made possible by D3O - Industry proven advanced impact absorbing material used in a wide range of applications from extreme sports to military. Padding has been custom engineered to fit the function and design of the Vision Collar, and can withstand multiple impacts with no reduction in performance unlike traditional padding materials used on every other neck brace

66% more range of motion (vs Atlas Air)
Introducing Pro-Motion, a drastically increased range of motion allows you to freely see up and down hills, at your feet, to the sky, or tuck and roll during a crash

45% lower weight (vs Atlas Air)
Simplified design removes everything you don't need, leaving behind only the smallest, most effective components. The feeling of freedom is undeniable.

Compression Only design
Unique design removes the front and rear shelves of a traditional full-frame neck brace for improved mobility, while focussing on reducing compression - the most deadly forces that happen with nearly every neck related motorcycle accident

Height Adjustment
Just like our Atlas Air, taller pads are included in the box and make fit easier for longer necks, smaller helmets, and/or other needs

Slit-Flex Frame
Split frame design promotes flex to mimic natural body movements for maximum comfort and mobility. This was developed over a decade ago with our Atlas Original brace, and is one of the core features leading to the highest customer satisfaction of any neck brace

Spine & Sternum Free
Each Vision sits around your spine and sternum, yet another feature we pioneered over a decade ago that is still just as relevant today

No tools, no hassle
Unique design removes the need to adjust for chest thickness. Because it sits high on your shoulders/back, the front can self-adjust up or down based on your chest thickness

Easy Open
Super strong 7075 Aluminum Easy Open release system makes removing effortless, reliable, and tough - Same system as our full frame braces produced after 2018.

2nd Gen Hybrid Strap
New Hybrid Strap design still uses the thick/thin strap combination for comfort, but splits the strap into two pieces like a traditional set of "X-straps" to make the improve the user experience

Each Vision is suitable for all non-seated activities that require a full-face helmet. This includes Motocross, Supercross, Offroad/Trail riding, BMX, mountain biking, Snowmobiling, ATVs, etc

*We do not recommend using this product for seated/belted activities like car racing, side by sides, or similar, as they are not intended for this type of use
**If you currently wear a full frame brace we recommend you continue wearing one for the added hyper-flexion and hyper-extension assistance